4D CAD plugin

4D CAD adds a professional drawing engine to 4th Dimension with features like layers, linetypes, AutoCAD-style blocks, hatches, DXF import and much more. 4D CAD is fast and reliable.

4D CAD is programmable with more than 300 commands and full event control. For detailed information, consult the 4D CAD Developer Reference (under construction).

4D CAD is compatible with Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows.

Please contact Adriaan van Os for a demo application and a price list.

Development of 4D CAD started in October 1998. End-users were largely dissatisfied wih 4D Draw and we wanted something fast, reliable and powerful instead. As of today, 4D CAD has been running for three years at customer sites to the satisfaction of both end-users and application developers.

Built into 4D CAD are professional CAD features that are missing in 4D Draw, like:

• DXF import
• Layers
• AutoCAD-style blocks
• True scaling linetypes
• True scaling hatches
• Unlimited number of objects and blocks (up to available memory)
• No drawing size limits (fully scalable)
• Maximum zoomfactor 1:16 million
• 64-bit Floating-point precision
• Linear matrix transformations
• Superfast and stable CAD engine
• Auto-snap feature
• Programmable scopes of objects (like named selections in 4D)
• Raster-image import
• Polyline intersection and polyline split routines
• Object locking
• Line-end markings (also for circle-arcs and ellipse-arcs)
• Offscreen 4D CAD areas
• Links to foreign data with programmable keys.

4D CAD can be used

• as a fully programmable CAD engine with database integration
• as a general purpose graphics engine
• as a tool to build Graphics Information Systems, for example to integrate maps into your database application
• as a graphics oriented programming engine, for example to build a visual planning system
• as a replacement for 4D Draw.

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