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8.3 4D Draw feature table

Changed features

Theme 4D Draw Emulation
Base and scale values Emulates base and scale values, stores pixel-points Emulates base and scale values, stores 4D CAD-values
Numerical precision 32-bit fixed-point (with 9-bit mantissa) 64-bit floating-point (with 52-bit mantissa)
Rotation and arc angles 16-bit integer 64-bit floating-point
Font parameter 16-bit font ID string font name
Font sizes 16-bit integer 64-bit floating-point
Object ID 16-bit integer 32-bit longint
Printing preview inline in drawing in a separate mode
Patterns non-scaling MacOS patterns scaling hatches and linetypes
Grouping grouped objects through blocks
Storage picture blob
Pasteboard area gray area around document printing area can be clipped
Document size fixed auto-grow
Grid snaps always snaps through "magnetic" points
Rulers lines shown as part of grid shown independent of grid
Zooming zoom buttons zoom modes
Reposition the origin by dragging from the ruler's blank square by entering the offset in the ruler-setup dialog or by clicking on the new origin in Special click mode
Document formats Opens 4D Draw and imports Picture and some raster-image formats Opens 4D CAD and imports 4DDraw, DXF/DWG and several raster-image formats

Unsupported features (can be added through contract programming)