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5.16 CAD DXF/DWG export file format constants

Value Constant Type Description
2 kDXFFormatR12 longint
13 kDXFFormatR13 longint
14 kDXFFormatR14 longint
15 kDXFFormat2000 longint
1012 kDWGFormatR12 longint
1013 kDWGFormatR13 longint
1014 kDWGFormatR14 longint
1015 kDWGFormat2000 longint
1016 kDWGFormat2004 longint
1017 kDWGFormat2007 longint
1018 kDWGFormat2010 longint

The DWG formats are available only if the Teigha File Converter has been installed.

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