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5.73 CAD scope constants

Value Constant Type Description
1 kCADScopeSelectedObjects longint Selected objects, can be a target scope
3 kCADScopeAllObjects longint All objects, can’t be a target scope
4 kCADScopeObjOnEditableLayers longint All objects on layers with mode kCADLayerModeEditable, can’t be a target scope

An object scope refers to objects in one Block or to objects in the root block of a drawing. It never consists of objects in different blocks. So, for example kCADScopeAllObjects for kCADRootBlockID refers to block insertion objects, but not to the contents of inserted blocks.

Used by
CADTriggerUndo, CADGetPaperSizes, CADTypeOfScope, CADEmptyScope, CADCopyScope, CADToScope, CADFromScope, CADInScope, CADScopeLogic, CADSelect, CADCount, CADGetObjIDsArray, CADOneObjID, CADGetObjID, CADGetLayer, CADSetLayer, CADGetObjType, CADFindByType, CADMoveToFront, CADMoveToBack, CADRemoveObj, CADBounds, CADMetrics, CADMetricsByMatrix, CADFindSnap, CADFindCrossings, CADHatchToLine, CADSplitPoly, CADGetFill, CADSetFill, CADGetColor, CADSetColor, CADGetInsertColor, CADSetInsertColor, CADGetLineWidth, CADSetLineWidth, CADGetFont, CADSetFont, CADGetLineType, CADSetLineType, CADGetMarking, CADSetMarking, CADGetHatch, CADSetHatch, CADGetLock, CADSetLock, CADGetLockByMask, CADSetLock, CADFindByLock, CADGetKey, CADSetKey, CADGetKeyArray, CADSetKeyArray, CADFindByKey, CADMoveTo, CADCopyTo, CADMoveByMatrix, CADCopyByMatrix, CADCompareObj, CADTranslate, CADRotate, CADScale, CADMirror, CADShear, CADTransform, CADRotateObj, CADGetRotation, CADSetRotation, CADStretchObj, CADLengthenObj, CADFlipObj, CADAlign, CADAlignToGrid, CADBlend, CADSpirograph and CADOnEvent.