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6.7 CADAcceptDXF

CADAcceptDXF accepts the pending results of a previous call to CADImportDXF.

IO Parameter Type Description
in theCADArea longint Area ID
in theDXFtoCADUnitFactor real See Unit and scale and Importing DXF files. The factor converts the unit of the DXF file to the current unit of the drawing.
in thePrintScale real The print scale is required in converting DXF lineweights into CAD linewidths.
out function result OSErr Error result code, also see Error handling

Before accepting with CADAcceptDXF, you can call CADSetUnit to change the current unit of the drawing.

You must call CADAcceptDXF or CADCancelDXF after a successful call to CADImportDXF.

Related methods
CADGetDXFFile, CADImportDXF, CADCancelDXF, CADGetUnit and CADSetUnit.