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6.21 CADAddScope

CADAddScope adds an empty programmer Scope of objects to a drawing or a block.

IO Parameter Type Description
in theCADArea longint Area ID
in theBlockID longint A Block ID or kCADRootBlockID for the root drawing
out theScopeID longint The new Scope ID
out function result OSErr Error result code, also see Error handling

If you are done with the scope, call CADRemoveScope to remove the scope (this doesn’t remove any objects, just the set that describes a specific selection of objects).

Scopes are not stored permanently in a drawing (except for kCADScopeSelectedObjects). If you need to store programmer scopes with a drawing, call CADGetObjIDsArray and store theObjIDs array with CADAddArray.

Related methods
CADCount, CADGetObjIDsArray, CADOneObjID, CADGetObjID, CADTypeOfScope, CADRemoveScope, CADEmptyScope, CADGetScopeIDs, CADCopyScope, CADToScope, CADFromScope, CADInScope, CADScopeLogic.