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6.26 CADAlignToGrid

CADAlignToGrid aligns a number of objects horizontally and/or vertically to the grid. Each object is aligned independently.

IO Parameter Type Description
in theCADArea longint Area ID
in theLocking integer kCADLockingIgnoreLock or kCADLockingSkipLock
in theObjScope longint kCADScopeSelectedObjects, kCADScopeAllObjects, kCADScopeObjOnEditableLayers, a Layer ID, a Sublayer ID, a programmer scope ID or an Object ID
in theLeftRightAlign integer A alignment constant
in theTopBottomAlign integer A alignment constant
out function result OSErr Error result code, also see Error handling

Related methods
CADBounds, CADStringBounds, CADGetFont, CADSetFont, CADTranslate and CADAlign.