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6.146 CADGetPaperSizes

IO Parameter Type Description
in theCADArea longint Area ID
in theObjScopeToPrint longint kCADScopeSelectedObjects, kCADScopeAllObjects, kCADScopeObjOnEditableLayers, a Layer ID, a Sublayer ID, a programmer scope ID or an Object ID
in thePaperSizeUnit integer A papersize unit constant
out thePaperSizeH array of real
out thePaperSizeV array of real
out theScaleToFitPortrait array of real
out theScaleToFitLandscape array of real
out thePaperSizeName array of string or text
out theCurrentOne longint
out theCurrentOrientation integer A paper orientation constant
out function result OSErr Error result code, also see Error handling