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6.208 CADObjSquare

IO Parameter Type Description
in theCADArea longint Area ID
in theBlockID longint A Block ID or kCADRootBlockID for the root drawing
in theObjID longint An Object ID, see Scope
out theSquareX1 real
out theSquareY1 real
out theSquareX2 real
out theSquareY2 real
out theRotation real
out theUpsideDownFlag integer A boolean constant
out theLineWidth real Linewidth (also see Linewidth and linetype restrictions)
out theLineColor longint Color or a color constant
out theFillColor longint Color or a color constant
out theFillStyle integer A fill style constant, see Fill
out theLineTypeID longint Linetype ID or a linetype ID constant
out theLineTypeScale real
out theHatchID longint A Hatch ID or hatch ID constant
out function result OSErr Error result code, also see Error handling