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1.1 History


Development of 4D CAD started in October 1998 at ARPA-Intrabouw, a leading software developer for the building-industries in The Netherlands.

The reasons for starting the project were quite convincing. End-users were dissatisfied with 4D Draw, it missed typical CAD features and we wanted something stable, fast and powerful.

I were given the task of writing the software and a first partial development release (4D CAD 1.0d2) was ready in June 1999. Yet, many features were missing and more development releases had to follow.

New features were always discussed first with Arend van Randen and I have to thank Arend for his excellent analyses and his many valuable suggestions.

When development releases came ready, David Righart started work on the DrawToCAD test application. I thank David for his feedback, his many suggestions and bug reports and for his fine cooperation up to today.

Also I have to thank Justus Janssen for answering my endless questions about AutoCAD and for providing me with test drawings in DXF format. Justus wrote the DXF export module of DrawToCAD (which was later converted to CADExportDXF).

My father Drs. Hans van Os, a retired teacher of mathematics, wrote a first version of the CADPolyAndPoly polyline intersection function, a daunting task.


In January 2001, I founded Microbizz. From then on, development continued at Microbizz and a first release version (4D CAD 1.0) was ready in July 2001. In successive months, 4D CAD was built into ARPA-Intrabouw’s application software, to the great satisfaction of end-users.

More releases and features followed and finally in November 2004, I found the time to rewrite DrawToCAD to a DemoCAD demonstration package. Work on the 4D CAD Reference started in April 2005 and will continue from there.

It is my sincere hope that 4D CAD will find enthousiastic developers and happy end-users.

Adriaan van Os
April 2005