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3.6 Layer

Layers are like transparent sheets laying op top of each other, with objects glued to them.


The layer order determines the drawing order of the objects, although there is a second drawing order, that of the objects of each layer. Within a layer, objects can be moved to the front or to the back of the layer. The layer itself can be moved in front of or behind other layers.

The next figure shows a drawing where some of the layers are dimmed. Each layer can be in one of the following modes


So, for example, to create the situation in 4D Draw, you would have

Of course, 4D CAD gives you more power to work with layers than 4D Draw does. Other attributes of a layer are

A layer ID passed as a Scope ID, describes all objects on the layer.

CADAddLayer, CADRemoveLayer, CADGetLayers, CADGetLayerAttributes, CADSetLayerAttributes, CADGetGrid, CADSetGrid, CADGetLayerKey, CADSetLayerKey, CADGetLayerOrder, CADSetLayerOrder, CADGetCurrentLayer, CADSetCurrentLayer, CADGetSnapPrefs, CADSetSnapPrefs.