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2.14 Snaps

Snaps are like magnetic points, they attract the cursor when you drag or draw. Is the cursor too near, then it snaps to the magnetic point. Snaps are visible in the drawing as small circles. They are defined for

Special considerations

The application can add custom snaps to a block with CADSetBlockAddedSnaps. It can determine which snaps are active, by calling CADSetLayerAttributes, CADSetBlockSnapMask and CADSetSnapPrefs. Snapping grids can be set up with CADSetGrid.

CADGetSnapPrefs, CADSetSnapPrefs, CADFindSnap, CADGetLayerAttributes, CADSetLayerAttributes, CADGetGrid, CADSetGrid, CADGetBlockAddedSnaps, CADSetBlockAddedSnaps, CADGetBlockSnapMask, CADSetBlockSnapMask.