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2.2.18 Special click mode


In 4D Draw emulation mode, that is for areas of type _4DDraw, clicking with the mouse in Special click mode sets a new 4D Draw coordinate origin. This also works when the rulers are not displayed.

In 4D CAD modes, the purpose of special click mode is application specific. Typical examples are

Dependent on the setting of theSpecialClickModeModifiers parameter of CADSetAreaPrefs, you can

In 4D CAD modes, implementation is left to the application developer (see kCADEventIDSpecialClick and CAD events and for example code the EDtCEvent method in DemoCAD).

CADAddInsert, CADAddInsertXY, CADGetAreaPrefs, CADSetAreaPrefs, CADGetOnEvent, CADSetOnEvent, CADOnEvent.