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2.18 String editing

In a 4D CAD string edit box, you can apply the following edit operations:


If a caret is shown


If a selection is highlighted

The edit box automatically grows and shrinks with the size of the text. If it can not grow, as it has reached the visible edges of the drawing, the text inside the edit box automatically scrolls.


The string edit box has the same position and rotation angle as the text in the drawing.

Multi-line edit boxes

In string editing mode, a single click creates (on mouse-up) a single-line edit box, with a default maximum of 255 characters. Clicking the mouse while dragging a box, creates a multi-line edit box, with a default maximum of 32700 characters.


A single-line string has one (or two) open grips that can be used to resize the string. A multi-line string is different

A single-line string can later be changed into a multi-line string and vice-versa. 4D CAD drawings stored prior to 4D CAD 2.0 contain single-line strings with a maximum length of 255 characters.