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3.11 Unit and scale

The current unit of a drawing is shown in the Zoom info bar. Default it is in mm, but you can change it by calling CADSetUnit. Setting the unit doesn’t scale current objects. Measure pane edit boxes can have their own unit, see Measure pane.

In 4D CAD, there is no arcane scaling system as in 4D Draw. There is one unit, that represents real world values in the drawing. The drawing is scaled in order to print it on a specific scale or at a given paper size. Setting the print scale doesn’t affect object metrics, as all metric values are specified and stored in real world values.

Linked to the print scale are three other scales

These scales allow you to make fine adjustments to the appearence of linetypes, markings and hatches, both on paper and on the screen. Their initial value is equal to the print scale (default 1:50).

To set the print scale, call CADSetScale. To calculate the scale for a given paper size, call CADGetPaperSizes. Fine adjustment can be made with CADSetPrintSpecs.

CADGetUnit, CADSetUnit, CADPageSetup, CADGetPaperSizes, CADGetScale, CADSetScale, CADGetPrintSpecs, CADSetPrintSpecs.