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6.2 %CADBackground


The plug-in method %CADBackground defines a 4D CAD area that is not editable and not focusable (tabable) as on object on a 4D form. A %CADBackground area is an ideal way to show background graphics on a 4D form You can put it on page 0 of the form, or on separate pages. It will try to use the background color of the 4D form as background color, but you can still call CADSetBackColor.

To use it, add %CADBackground as a variable of type Plug-in Area to a 4D form. The variable must be typed as a longint, in the example as C_LONGINT(eaBackground), the Area ID.

A %CADBackground area can also be put on a 4D output form, but it can not be used on a 4D output form for printing, 4D CAD has its own printing methods.

Loading of drawings is handled by calling 4D CAD methods, see Storing and loading drawings.

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