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7.1 kCADEventIDAutoKeyDown


Holding down a key on the keyboard for some time triggers kCADEventPhaseDuring phases of kCADEventIDAutoKeyDown events, through the keyboard’s auto-repeat mechanism. Preference settings in the system software, the keyboard repeat rate and delay until repeat time, determine how many events are generated.

Also see kCADEventIDKeyDown.

IO Parameter Type Description
in theCADArea longint Area ID
in theEventID longint kCADEventIDAutoKeyDown
in theEventPhase longint kCADEventPhaseDuring
in theEventData1 longint 0
in theEventData2 longint 0
in theEventData3 longint 0
in theEventData4 longint 0
in theMouseX real 0.0
in theMouseY real 0.0
in theEventValue1 real 0.0
in theEventValue2 real 0.0
in theKeyAsciiValue integer ASCII character value of the pressed key
in theModifiers longint Sum of pressed modifier keys, a mask of modifier key constants
in theTickCount longint Tick count of the system software (a tick is a 1/60th of a second)
in/out theEventResult longint Don’t change.

Keyboard events are not generated