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7.5 kCADEventIDContextMenu


Pressing the right mouse button (or on the Mac the left mouse button with the control-key held down) triggers a kCADEventIDContextMenu event. The event is triggered if the cursor is over the drawing plane. The action can be intercepted, but there is no built-in action yet.

IO Parameter Type Description
in theCADArea longint Area ID
in theEventID longint kCADEventIDContextMenu
in theEventPhase longint kCADEventPhaseBefore
in theEventData1 longint Object ID clicked on, or 0
in theEventData2 longint Mode on the Mode palette (without the effect of modifiers keys), a mode constant
in theEventData3 longint 0
in theEventData4 longint 0
in theMouseX real Horizontal mouse coordinate in pixels
in theMouseY real Vertical mouse coordinate in pixels
in theEventValue1 real 0.0
in theEventValue2 real 0.0
in theKeyAsciiValue integer 0
in theModifiers longint 0
in theTickCount longint Tick count of the system software (a tick is a 1/60th of a second)
out theEventResult longint Set to kCADEventResultDoFilter to filter out the event or to kCADEventResultDontFilter to let it pass.