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7.6 kCADEventIDDragScroll


The kCADEventPhaseAfter phase of an kCADEventIDDragScroll event is triggered

Also see kCADEventIDScroll.

IO Parameter Type Description
in theCADArea longint Area ID
in theEventID longint kCADEventIDDragScroll
in theEventPhase longint kCADEventPhaseAfter
in theEventData1 longint Object or Scope ID dragged or drawn, or 0
in theEventData2 longint Actual mode (including the effect of modifier keys), a mode constant
in theEventData3 longint Mode setting of the mode palette, a mode constant
in theEventData4 longint 0
in theMouseX real 0.0
in theMouseY real 0.0
in theEventValue1 real 0.0
in theEventValue2 real 0.0
in theKeyAsciiValue integer 0
in theModifiers longint 0
in theTickCount longint 0
in/out theEventResult longint Don’t change.