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Paul Flier, ceo of Arpa Intrabouw BV, writes

Over the past ten years our company has enjoyed the high quality work of Adriaan van Os at Microbizz and we hope cooperation will continue for years to come. Whereas Microbizz has carried out a lot of different projects for us of various size, two larger projects deserve attention in this respect because of the technical challenge of the fine work done. The first project was the development of a full-fledged CAD plugin for ARPA Intrabouw's application software for construction companies. The disciplined and minutely structured way in which Mr. Van Os went about this project, the detailed research as well as the pleasant conferences, deserves recommendation beyond criticism. The CAD plugin still outperforms the market leader AutoCAD in performance and stability. For our own programming department, the plugin offers a ready-to-implement technology, that we not only use as a CAD-module but for a graphical planning tool as well. The second project concerns a database plugin, which will allow our application software to switch from a 4D-database to a MySQL or PostgreSQL database; a highly complex project in which we are most confident to succeed because of the working methods and knowledge of mr. Van Os. In short, we highly recommend his company. 


For MacFour Applications Adriaan van Os wrote most part of Traffic, a widely used project management system for advertising agencies and corporate marketing departments. The software has a separate planning module, written by the same author. Traffic runs on Apple Macintosh and on Microsoft Windows. For more information, contact ing. Ad Bierbooms of MacFour Applications.


4CIS is a one of the 4th Dimension developers that uses 4D Toolbox, a large set of RAD tools written by Adriaan van Os. With it, 4CIS developed Infobase information management software. Infobase is a good choice for software companies, as it features a bug tracking module. Infobase runs on Apple Macintosh and on Microsoft Windows. For more information, contact ing. Coen Rem of 4CIS.

John Platten of Healthware writes:

All of us here at HealthWare Corporation, in Lincoln, Nebraska, 100% recommend Adriaan van Os and his whole company for *any* Apple Macintosh Pascal work whatsoever.  Adriaan and his company have done some "extremely complex work" for us in "record-breaking" time.   The project that we gave him to do was "world-class" and his working repoire with us was "world-class" as well.  I can elaborate in great detail if need be, but the bottom-line is, you will probably not find anyone else on the planet earth that can do a better job for what your needs are, especially if "time", "money" and most importantly the "quality" of the work are of any value to you and your company.  I do not make these statements slightly - he has proven himself and deserves the credit for doing so.  In addition to this, his "post" or "follow-up" work has been superior as well (ie, any additional training, debugging, hand-holding, etc.).  We are still working with Adriaan and will continue to do so.


For Lemke Software, Microbizz ported GraphicConverter and CADintosh to Xcode and GNU Pascal, to run native on Intel Macs. GraphicConverter is quite a famous Macintosh application. For more information, contact Thorsten Lemke of Lemke Software.

Thorsten Lemke writes: Your work was absolute perfect.

Kaspar Zimmermann of AEO, Aerospace Engineering Office, in Switzerland writes:

Microbizz and Adriaan van Os ported AEO’s code of a complex resource planning software for public transportation, MacRail, from Classic to MacOS X. The software is written in Object Pascal and is running at CFL, Luxembourg, for both branches rail and bus. It deals with vehicle fleet and personnel . It was his experience in porting other software packages, which made this porting task extremely fast. Even with the very first software version the customer performed a productive planning in a very short time. We are very grateful to Adriaan van Os and his company for his help. We’re planning a further porting of this software to XCode and GNU Pascal with Microbizz. We can recommend his experience in Macintosh and Object Pascal programming on MacOS X, as well as other languages and operating systems at the very best.
For more information contact Kaspar Zimmeramnn at AEO.

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